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It’s easy to pass off a ‘cooling solution’ as a sales patter. It’s not though. I’m not a salesman, and I don’t have a head for sales. I’m an engineer and I’ve a head for engineering. Your cooling solutions provider should instinctively know what the pitfalls and perils are, that can manifest itself in a system. You only learn that from hands on experience! Both myself and my BRS colleagues have loads of that! It’s what sets BRS apart from the next business. We don’t have space for a salesman who are only interested in volume and margins. At BRS there’s engineers, supporting engineers, the vast majority of which are from a straight from the mouth manufacturers background, just like me! So whether it’s a new process chiller system, heat pump, service, maintenance or Solutions, you’re guaranteed to be speaking to someone that is passionate and knowledgeable about the industry! Don’t trust a sales pitch, you aren’t buying a used car! Trust an engineer, we’re only ever trying to help you.

Written by Steve Jones, BRS Applications and Technical Engineer

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