LPW Carpenter

The Background

LPW/Carpenter is a global manufacturer of metal additives, they are a leading company for the production of ultraclean metal powders. With an impressive range of metal powders and alloys developed specifically for metal 3D printing, a team of engineers with a wealth of Additive Manufacturing expertise and an active research and development team, Carpenter Additive is the natural choice of supplier for all your metal additive manufacturing materials and support across all industry sectors.

Consistently high-quality powders for critical industries is our speciality, adding confidence that each component is built with integrity. Carpenter Additive has implemented ISO systems to control the processing and validation of all powders we provide, to ensure a continued supply of high quality, powdered alloys. Main sectors are aerospace, consumer products, energy, medical devices, industrial and automotive.

The Challenge

BRS was employed to design and install a bespoke cooling system to serve critical process machinery, the main objectives were to come up with a system that would deliver constant temperature control as well as equipment that would be reliable, efficient and best available at that time.

With the process equipment being installed on site it was key that BRS co-ordinated and worked with the OEM installing company each step of the way to completion.

Due to the critical nature of the process, redundancy was paramount with equipment having proved to operate on standby UPS power supply without issue. Each cooling system(s) for the processes were split into a CHW water circuit and a separate DI water circuit, each had to deliver water at a constant +26°C

The Solution

After considerate time was spent shortlisting suppliers, BRS was then able to produce a final solution and P&ID. All pump sets factory fitted with VSD heads were installed to x3 separate hydraulic circuit, each pump set having a duty/duty assist and standby arrangement. The CHW and DI circuits were decoupled from the primary circuit by PHX’s, a mixing valve was installed on each PHX outlet to offer close temperature control as required by the process equipment. The speed of each pump set was varied to match the exact requirement of flow required. With the supply of the water temperature being at +26degc an adiabatic unit was selected as the main heat rejection unit, this would reduce energy consumption by utilising as much ambient free cooling as possible through the day or night, the unit was also selected with VSD fans.

The primary circuit had a 2m3 buffer tank installed, this was to smooth any temperature spikes and also offer the system some emergency cooling should the adiabatic system completely fail, the volume was calculated to provide enough time for the process system to be able to shut down without causing failure. On the DI circuit a DI generating unit was installed, this was to ensure that the system had an automatic supply of DI water at the customer’s specification to top up as required. Pressurisation units were installed to each circuit to maintain system design pressures. DTX non toxic glycol was selected for the primary circuit, this was to offer frost protection as well as increased heat exchange properties and lower fluid viscosities to drive down pump input power.

The Result

The project was a challenge with a tight overall programme of seven weeks, this consisted of a five week installation period with a two week commissioning, validation and handover period. Once the system was commissioning, following acceptance from the OEM and end user the system was run over a 12/24 hour period with the product. This was proven to be a great success with the process machinery being able to produce as intended. Training of shift operatives was performed, and a twelve month PPM contract was signed.

“It was important for LPW to engage with a supplier who was able to offer sound technical support for the design of our complex cooling system. From the initial meeting, it was clear that BRS was our supplier of choice. All aspects of the project were carried out to a high level and delivered on time. A great experience from a truly professional company”

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