Multi-Split System Air Conditioning

Multi-splits work in exactly the same way as single splits but, depending on the model, you can connect up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit.

These are most frequently used in places like restaurants, offices, doctor’s surgeries and shops. It’s always preferable to have fewer outdoor units, particularly if you lack space or want to preserve your building’s external appearance. That gives multi-splits a distinctive advantage over several single splits. Another selling point is that you aren’t limited to using just one type of indoor unit. If you wanted to, you could have any combination of wall- and ceiling-mounted air conditioning units, along with an air curtain over the entrance. However, multi-split systems are slightly more complex and require more pipework than several single splits. That can make the installation more expensive and take longer, particularly if you’re only looking to install a few indoor units. Ultimately, the best solution depends on the layout of your building and the heating and cooling capacity you require.

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