Fine Lady, Banbury

Cream Yeast System and CIP System Upgrade

The Background

For many years Fine Lady has produced a wide range of bakery products from its ten-acre site in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Fine Lady specialises in supplying own label bakery products to the leading supermarkets, wholesalers, as well as supplying bread to the sandwich manufacturing industry. The current range covers a wide variety of sliced bread including the traditional square sliced, the very soft taller tin loaves and batch bread. More recently Fine Lady has started to produce a range of bake off products including bloomers, tiger bloomers, farmhouse and split tin loaves. To compliment the bread range Fine Lady also produces rolls of many shapes and sizes as well as teacakes and hot cross buns.

The Challenge

The existing bakery site Liquid Cream Yeast plant is based on three yeast storage tanks, 2 x recirculating ring mains including multiple mixer dosing points for the supply of the liquid cream yeast to mixers, a dated Semi-Automatic control system with a Flow plate and swing bends in operation and hygienically cleaned via a single tank total loss CIP (Clean In Place) system.

Manufactured in 2000 the system was labour intensive and becoming unreliable with aged parts and an obsolete control system, and breakdowns resulted in large manufacturing losses.

The Challenge was to provide an up to date fully automatic solution which was to ensure product quality and reliability but to allow Fine Lady bakery to continue to produce during any works carried out.

The Solution

The proposal for upgrading was to take the BRS Automatic Cream Yeast System design and implement into the existing FLB Cream Yeast unit skid reusing yeast vessels and the existing CIP tank, the new design is for all large, modern, plant bakeries & distilleries and is based on a continuing BRS team development of existing bakery & distillery cream yeast plants

The new system is based on sound Yeast plant technology and incorporates a number of

Key features developed to address the specific problem in providing a reliable, hygienic source of liquid Yeast to the dosing stations within the Fine Lady Bakery production facility.

The system is composed of two existing yeast storage tanks, each of which holds up to 20,000Litres of Liquid Yeast, one of which will always be in use supplying yeast, and the other will either be clean or full of yeast ready to take over the supply task.

These two tanks feed the yeast via a selected mix proof valve block to an on duty yeast line circulation pump (RM1 or RM2) which uses a 2 inch delivery line to circulate yeast around the duty Yeast Ring main, a position controlled valve will be provided at the Ring Main Return to ensure that a constant (and high) ring main pressure can be achieved at the dosing point at all times when calling for liquid yeast, but the ring can be opened to full flow to ensure a high level of cleaning can be achieved in a minimum amount of time

A major element of the system is the Clean in Place (CIP) system which is designed to ensure that cleans are carried out efficiently and with minimal risk of lost production. This is based on a two-tank design CIP system using Mains Water, Detergent Recovery and Sterilant.

The Result

Once installed and commissioned, the system provides a high quality temperature-controlled yeast supply providing extra production time to produce the award-winning bread products, time which would have previously been spent on plant down time fault finding or cleaning the plant.

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critical bakery temperature control

James Beswick, Managing Director at BRS said: “It is a fantastic achievement to be working with such a major player in the bread manufacturing industry. Our fully automatic liquid cream yeast handling system & CIP system is custom-built for the site and the modifications and enhancements within the new automatic design and CIP system will ensure high productivity onsite and the effective cleaning of all equipment that forms part of the CIP project scope. “

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