The Background

Established in 1991 when the Irish government privatised the Irish Sugar Corporation, Greencore later expanded into convenience food and has grown to become Britain’s biggest sandwich maker, producing 430m a year. It acquired the Northampton site when it bought Uniq, formerly Unigate, in 2011.

Now a world-class manufacturer of food on the move products, including pre-packed sandwiches, wraps, prepared salads and sushi for many of the UK’s major retailers.

The Challenge

Sandwich Production area Unit A consisted of 3 x Large R422d refrigerant volume DX (Direct Expansion) Systems serving 7 x AHU (Air Handling Units) cooling coils, 2 x Refrigerated Area’s (Toastie), Bread Corridor and Process Chilled Water for Salad Washing.

The AHU’s are designed for production areas with a positive pressure fresh air system, the existing AHU’s have a cooling coil per AHU to maintain a set temperature setpoint. Cooling is provided by the existing DX refrigeration set up of some +25 years and originally designed and installed on R22 the refrigerant system has been converted to a drop-in replacement R422d resulting in a loss of capacity and a system prone to leaking refrigerant due to age, wear & tear and subject to the F-Gas 2020 refrigerant service ban.

BRS were tasked with providing an F-Gas compliant & energy efficient replacement which allows flexibility of production locations, loads and plant reliability.

Beswick Refrigeration Services (BRS) were invited to tender for the design and installation of a replacement 350kW Air Cooled Chiller to incorporate a turnkey electrical and mechanical solution. Key to the project was the requirement to ensure minimum downtime and reduced energy consumption.

The Solution

Following an assessment BRS recommended a bulk glycol system in order to meet cooling capacity requirements using a glycol solution would reduce sites CO2 footprint and provide flexibility of future changes onsite. The design took account of energy efficiency requirements and included supporting documentation demonstrating the savings to be made through deploying inverter compressors and VSD ring main pumps. Following a consultation, the products selected was a duty/standby solution using 2 x Daikin EWAD380TZ-SS B2 Air Cooled Inverter Chillers.

The Specification Included:

  • Centrifugal Inverter Glycol Pumps
  • Mains Electrical Supply Installation
  • 6” Stainless Steel FullyWelded Glycol Primary & Secondary flow & Return Ring mains, thermally Insulated
  • New replacement Glycol cooling coils and AHU upgrades
  • Hygienic chilled water system and recirculating ringmain
  • New Glycol Coolers to ingredients storage area’s
  • Remote monitoring support & Maintenance Package

The Result

With confidence in cooling capacity restored onsite and the removal of ongoing DX refrigeration and high refrigerant costs, Greencore Northampton sandwich production areas are now achieving optimal temperatures for each of their processes. This in turn is enabling both the production team to confirm with temperature legislation and meet new targets and the project team to focus on developing the overall business

BRS are the perfect partner to any client with refrigeration onsite from Food, Drink, Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and many more as refrigeration is everywhere and part of everyones day to day life, due to our diverse product knowledge and capabilities we provide total solutions on any site, BRS have fantastic client relationships demonstrated with long term clients and a continuation of national service contracts and growing client data base.

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