The Background

When one of the world’s largest bakery producers, ARYZTA decided to expand production in its Dunstable plant it called on the services of Beswick Refrigeration Services to install a “state of the art” Automatic Cream Yeast System, complete with a process chilled water system and mixer jacket cooling to the high speed horizontal mixers.

ARYZTA makes speciality bread and bakery products, including pancakes, crumpets, tortillas and naans, for all the major grocery retailers in the UK and for some of the world’s biggest quick serve restaurants.” Maintaining consistent production is therefore key to its success and the Automatic Cream Yeast, process chilled water and mixer jacket cooling systems which BRS commissioned and installed will help ARYZTA to fulfil its bakery production schedule.

The Solution

BRS sits at the forefront of cream yeast installation technology drawing on a wealth of experience allied to the awareness of technological developments to design robust systems which meet the exacting demands of today’s mass-production facilities. Incorporating a twin tank system within the design enabled ARYZTA to maintain continuous production with one of the 26,000L tanks being cleaned or refilled whilst the other one is in use. 

Chilled water is a prime ingredient of the liquid ingredients package and BRS installed a reliable system that supplies a constant +2°C chilled water supply to the mixers. To ensure a consistent rise, dough temperature is also critical and BRS commissioned a glycol cooling system to ensure that dough temperature was maintained within set parameters.

Process Engineering


Air Conditioning