Temperature control and Process Engineering expertise for a wide range of industries

BRS have decades of experience in the process engineering sector and can specify, design, and install the latest temperature control systems, vital to countless industrial processes.

The links below describe a selection of industries that we work with and which require precise control of temperature. From the manufacture of a wide range of industrial products to the handling of chemicals and food products, BRS can create a bespoke solution for your business and with the latest remote monitoring can ensure your processes are running as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Plastics, Rubber, Packaging

Precise control and flexibility in a rapidly growing sector

Food and Drink

The perfect ingredients for effective temperature control

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

BRS have a bespoke solution to your specific industry requirements

Medical and Scientific

We offer a clinical, efficient service a provide round the clock support

Metal Works

Spark new life into your temperature control systems


Make a positive change to your manufacturing facility

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Process Engineering


Air Conditioning