Morrisons, Wakefield - Pitta Line

The Background

Pita bread is an even better invention than sliced bread? Pita bread, spelt “pitta bread” in the UK, is a round leavened flatbread that is consumed all over the world in many different cultures and has been a staple diet of the Middle East for 4,000 years. Now produced at Morrison’s manufacturing plant – Rathbones Bakery, Wakefield the Pita has become a fast-growing consumable within the large network of Morrisons Supermarkets

The Challenge

Current manufacturing of the pitta bread on the new fast production line within the bakery and with the use of an open type spiral cooler resulted in high ambient environmental conditions exceeding in some parts +40°C.

Beswick Refrigeration Services (BRS) were invited to tender for the design and installation of an environmental cooling solution within the pita production area to provide a comfortable and consistent working temperature of +24°C for production employees but to not interfere with the quality of the pita product.

Key to the project was the requirement to ensure minimum downtime and production disruption and an energy-efficient solution to ensure the low running and life cycle costs.

The Solution

Following a cooling duty assessment, BRS proposed for the design, supply, install and commissioning of an air handling unit and refrigeration solution to provide a working environment within the pitta production area of +24°C

Based on calculated design parameters of 200kW of cooling required and a supply air volume of 10m3/s (equivalent to approximately 6 total room air changes per hour) BRS provided 1off AHU comprising of supply air, exhaust air and mixing sections.
The AHU position was located externally on a concrete slab local to existing refrigeration plant and ductwork rising external to the building before running across the roof and entering the pitta line area via 2 roof penetrations were installed. From this point, supply air is distributed into the pitta line area via 2off hygienic air socks.

The return air follows a similar route and draws air from the pitta production area via 2 high level extract grilles a return back to the AHU where an exhaust/mixing section allows “free cooling” and full dump of air when external conditions allow.

York Chiller Spec


The mechanical cooling solution is provided from an energy efficient 1off – YMAA0200PE Inverter Air Cooled Multi Scroll York Chiller comprising of:

Cooling Capacity –  215kW
Power Input  – 43.4kW
EER Cooling Efficiency – 4.95
ESEER –  4.76
Compressor Type –  6off Scroll “lead compressor – Inverter”
Refrigerant  – R410a
No Refrigerant Circuits  – 3off

York Chiller at Morrisons
morrisons pitta plant

The Result

Morrisons manufacturing pitta production area is now achieving optimal and consistent room temperatures at +24°C. This enables both the production team to conform with temperature legislation and meet new production targets and allows the Morrisons project team to focus on developing the overall bread business.  The free cooling design in lower ambient conditions and the use of the YORK Amichi inverter industrial chiller, provided significant reductions in energy consumption.

pitta plant

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