Morrisons, Wakefield

The Background

Fans of programmes such as the Great British Bake Off may not appreciate the challenges which scaling up a simple home baking process into a vast commercial enterprise may bring. Setting a small pot of yeast to rise in the airing cupboard may be a matter of moving a couple of towels, but what do you do when your yeast requirements come in at tens of thousands of litres? The answer is to design a purpose built storage, pumping and cleaning system which hygienically delivers the yeast to the baking process at the exact moment it is required.

The Challenge

This was the challenge facing Beswick Refrigeration Services (BRS) when it was commissioned by one of its clients to design and install a “state of the art” Automatic Cream Yeast System. With bakery and distilled cream yeast products sitting at the heart of retail food offerings, the design and operation of the yeast delivery system had to be efficient and robust. Accordingly, BRS used its wealth of experience to base its “triple ring main” system on a continuing development of existing technology rather than run the risk of adding innovative equipment which can sometimes represent questionable end-user benefits.

The Solution

Using a twin tank system enables continuous production to draw on one 26,000L tank whilst the other is being cleaned and refilled ready to take over the supply task. Similarly, by using a three Ring Main system with position control valves to deliver the yeast around the various plants at a constant and high pressure, scheduled cleaning can be carried out quickly and efficiently with minimal risk of interruption to other production areas. And with the CIP cleaning process also designed with efficiency and low environmental impact in mind, BRS have created a Cream Yeast System which rises to the triple challenges of creating a system which is efficient, environmentally friendly and provides a continuous production capability.

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