Daikin Air Conditioning Systems

The latest energy efficient commercial air handling solutions from Daikin

BRS can provide Daikin heat recovery & ventilation systems of all sizes and can ensure optimum climate conditions in any situation. Our installations guarantee a comfortable environment for buildings of all sizes and for all types of business.

With rising costs and increasing legislation, it is vital that buildings, offices and retail units benefit from energy efficient design and take advantage of the best ventilation systems avaialable. Energy efficient buildings require better insulation to maintain a consistent temperature which can lead to stale air which increases risk of allergies, odours, condensation & mould and many other problems. This is where BRS come in. We provide a consultation service leading to providing a turnkey solution for your business

Optimum Energy Efficiency

The Daikin Air conditioning units we use benefit from leading edge technology and will reduce your cost of ownership while reducing carbon footprint.

  • Heat recovery. Units can recover up to 90% of heat
  • Efficiency motor. Reduces power consumption.
  • High efficiency fan. Outweighs advantages of other fan units.
  • Control logic. Puts you control of your energy useage
energy efficient daikin units
daikin solutions to suit you and your business

Standard and full turnkey solutions

BRS have a wide range of Daikin Air conditioning solutions ready to go and to suit a range of needs. We also provide bespoke solutions where you have specific requirements and our team can specify, design and fully deliver a solution that meets all your expectations.

A comfortable environment for your business

BRS and our Daikin based air conditioning solutions bring fresh outdoor air to your work environment, keeping humidity and temperature at just the right levels. Talk to us today about a custom solution for your business.

Daikin fresh air package specified and installed by BRS

  • Daikin ventilation systems can be integrated into a wider system for your building.
  • The DX Connection allows you to connect your air handling unit to any Daikin VRV or ERQ inverter condensing unit.
  • Integrated expansion valve and control box make it a true plug-and-play solution.
  • You can select your ideal settings as with any other ventilation device.

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