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York Amichi / YMAA 0200 (188kW) Industrial Chillers

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The YORK® AmichiTM Series is a no-compromise solution for a variety of climates and locations. It can maintain efficiency in a variety
of conditions without kits or add-ons (down to -18°C ambient in cooling mode and -15°C ambient in heating mode). With the smallest footprint across the widest capacity range on the market, the YORK® AmichiTM Series is also the perfect solution for high performance in smaller spaces. Our systems offer two levels of sound performance.

If requirements call for sound attenuation beyond our standard low- noise levels, an optional Ultra Quiet Kit can further reduce sound power by 6 dBA, providing one of the quietest units available.

Decades of extensive air-cooled expertise

is backed by proven components used in installations across the globe and in a variety of conditions.

Tandem compressor management

improves overall reliability by balancing system operation time between each compressor.

Smart logic controller

coordinates and optimises units for off-design and part-load operation.

Intelligent defrost

optimises the sequencing of the defrost cycle and allows the remaining modules in the system to continue to provide heat, reducing interruptions.

Compliance and certifications

Include EcoDesign 2021 regulatory compliance, Eurovent certification and CE/PED certification.

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