G.H. Sheldon's, Manchester

The Background

When one of the leading independent family owned bakeries in the country decided to expand its production facilities it turned to Beswick Refrigeration Services for help. According to the company website it was 90 years ago that Harold Sheldon started to learn the bakery trade and from those modest beginnings, G. H. Sheldon has developed and grown until the present time when it is committed to producing bakery products including oven bottom muffins with “an unswerving commitment to excellence in product and service to its customers.”

The Challenge

The BRS project involved reviving, overhauling, upgrading and installing a redundant 5 ton Manual Liquid cream yeast system. The system was supplied as a skid mounted packaged unit consisting of two 5,000 litre stainless steel, agitated, refrigerated tanks; together with a cleaning tank, cleaning pump, chemical pumps, yeast pump, pipework, valves, cooling system and controls.

The Solution

Following an assessment BRS recommended a bulk glycol system in order to meet cooling capacity requirements using a glycol solution would reduce sites CO2 footprint and provide flexibility of future changes onsite. The design took account of energy efficiency requirements and included supporting documentation demonstrating the savings to be made through deploying inverter compressors and VSD ring main pumps. Following a consultation, the products selected was a duty/standby solution using 2 x Daikin EWAD380TZ-SS B2 Air Cooled Inverter Chillers.

The installation of twin tanks enables one to be cleaned and filled whilst the other one is in use, thus facilitating a continuous production model. BRS installed a circulation ring main from the yeast unit flow plate to the bakery mixers and back to the yeast tank. The ring main comes complete with dosing valves and a meter at each mixer. This enables easy and safe routing of yeast and CIP chemicals without danger of contamination whilst at the same time ensuring that excess yeast is returned to the duty tank.

The Result

The BRS installation linked the yeast dosing system to the mixer control system so that at the desired point in the mixer cycle the precise amount of yeast is metered into the mixer through the connection in the lid. As a ‘fail-safe’ only when the correct amount of yeast has been pumped into the mixer can it proceed to the next part of the cycle. A mixer control panel enables the exact quantity of yeast to be automatically altered to suit different recipes.

Had BRS not been able to overhaul and upgrade the cream yeast system it would have been destined for the scrap heap. With the refurbishment, the system is helping G H Sheldon to produce its tasty range of bakery products including the renowned Lancashire Oven Bottom Muffins.

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