Keeping it chilled

No sooner had the Met Office reported in sombre tones about the possibility of five to ten more years of cold wet summers than the sun came out and has been shining ever since.

Record temperatures have followed record temperatures with, at the time of writing, a level three heatwave alert being in place in parts of the UK. This means amongst other measures that hospitals and care homes need to be extra vigilant and that marathons and other extreme sporting events should be postponed.

Coming after a harsh winter the sun is welcomed by many but whilst we human beings can generally operate within a range of temperatures, there are some processes which require a constant temperature to operate successfully. One of these is the art of bread making. Beswick Refrigeration Services (BRS) have recently been called upon to design and install an energy efficient potable chilled water package for a large modern bread bakery.

The design called for the provision of potable chilled water at a constant 1°C which could be drawn off in variable quantities subject to dough mix production. To achieve the brief, BRS provided a skid mounted package comprising of a food safe washable GRP lined 500litre insulated buffer tank, cooled by a “run and standby” set up.

Custom built using stainless steel as the key material the design incorporated a pair of fully packaged 10Kw M.T.A TAEevo051 air cooled chillers, with cooling achieved via a gasket plate efficient heat exchanger. This enables potable mains water to be circulated within a cool loop via “run and standby” multistage Grundfoss pumps and returned to tank before being circulated via a “run and standby” set of ring main circulation pumps.
For ease of use a HMI touch screen was incorporated to optimise performance and ensure close process temperature control. Inverters were added to all process pumps as an added benefit and to further enhance the energy efficiency of the chiller system which now delivers chilled water at the right temperature as and when required.

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