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How does an Air Cooled Chiller Work?

As with most other brands, an air-cooled York chiller absorbs the heat from processed water. The water within the system becomes warm and is sent back to the chiller once used and any heat is then transferred away from the water using an evaporator. Liquid refrigerant within the York chiller then evaporates as it travels over the evaporator tube, which creates a low-pressure gas. The low-pressure gas is compressed into a high-pressure gas when the evaporated refrigerant travels to the compressor. Next, the gas travels to the air-cooled condensers where the heat is removed and transferred outside. As York Chillers expel heat, it’s better to place the chiller outside or in an area that won’t be affected by the heat given out. After the gas leaves the condenser within the chiller, the refrigerant alters into a high-pressure liquid which then travels to the evaporator through an expansion valve. Throughout this process, the refrigerant will chang from high-pressure to a low-pressure liquid. As an industrial air chiller works on a continuous cycle, low-pressure liquid is continuously transferred back to an evaporator where the whole cycle will repeat itself. If you have any questions regarding York chillers or industrial chillers in general, feel free to give one of our team a call or complete an enquiry form with your query.

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