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An introduction to Process Cooling

Process cooling requirements are used in both the industrial sector and commercial sector and generally, cooling processes are split into two main categories:

Industrial Process Cooling

This cooling process is introduced when accurate and regular control of temperature within an industrial process is needed. Industrial chillers remove heat from a process regardless of the applications ambient temperature, heat load and flow requirements.

Climate Control

In this cooling process, conditioning units regulate the temperature and humidity. This technology is generally more straight forward and used for cooling places where the temperature does not have to be precise and constant.

What exactly is process cooling?

Process cooling is quite simply the removal of heat from a given process to ensure the process continues in a safe, efficient and reliable way.

Why does an industry require a process cooling system?

In many industrial processes, the heat load must be carefully managed. Different aspects of the overall application may require cooling in sectors such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food and drink and engineering.

Why use industrial chillers for process cooling?

Process chillers, can be integrated with ease into most applications when using a specialist chiller supplier and installer such as BRS. Fundamentally, a process chiller works by utilising a refrigeration circuit to remove the heat load passed onto the cooling fluid (water or glycol mix) returning from the application. With modern chiller units, huge energy savings can be made as this process can often account for a significant proportion of a plant’s power output.

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