New Freezer for Artisan Bread Producer

In January 2014 when The Telegraph ran a feature on the way in which toast was the latest food to undergo a gourmet re-invention it commented on changing shopping patterns which were partly giving rise to an increase in our consumption of artisan breads.

According to market research firm Mintel, sales of speciality breads rose by 8% in 2013 and subsequent reports reveal that sales have continued to rise throughout 2014.

With demand on the up, when one of the UK’s fastest expanding artisan bread producers needed to create a new product holding freezer to help them to expand further they turned to Beswick Refrigeration Services for help. Timescales were tight and BRS quickly swung into action, providing fully qualified and costed proposals which took account of the client’s individual requirements.

When integrating new infrastructure into an existing system, care must be taken to ensure that the design optimises efficiency and minimises disruption. From the first meetings to discuss product storage requirements through to the selection of equipment the client’s wishes and existing infrastructure were considered and incorporated into the final selection and design. This enabled BRS to take the ‘best energy efficient equipment’ and design a new freezer store which suited the client’s needs including maximum storage space and easy access to existing plant.

Utilising three off inverter condensing systems, energy use was exactly matched to the customer’s product load, thereby optimising the energy absorbed onsite. Bespoke controls and energy efficient evaporators completed the equipment specification and easy use of access to the store was provided with motorised doors and key operated fob controls.

Within a timeframe of only a few weeks the Freezer cold store was erected fitted out and commissioned by BRS to the exacting requirements of the client. This meant that a fully working system was delivered to the customer on time and on budget, helping them to continue to make the most of the UK’s growing love of artisan breads.

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