MTA Chiller | Taurus Tech Air Cooled Water Chiller

Air-cooled water chillers featuring hermetic scroll compressors with R410A. Nominal cooling capacity 73 – 150 kW

The air-cooled water chillers TAURUS TECH always meet the requirements of residential and commercial air conditioning applications, thanks to their versatility and easy installation. The TAURUS TECH range already meets the performance requirements of the ErP Regulation EcoDesign, combining highest level of seasonal efficiency with huge customisation possibilities, to allow the installation on every system. Reduced management and installation costs, maximum reliability and environmental protection make chiller TAURUS TECH the right choice for today and tomorrow installations.


  • HE version, High Efficiency;
  • Silent SHE version and super silent SSN version;
  • High efficiency performances at full load (EER);
  • High value of SEER efficiency, compliant with requirements of Regulation ERP EcoDesign;
  • Wide operating limits for staring up and functioning even in the worst conditions;
  • Wide range of options and kits for easy installation;
  • Easy access to all components.

Standard Features

  • Refrigerant R410A;
  • Hermetic Scroll compressors in single circuit configuration;
  • Crankcase heater and phase-monitor;
  • Axial fans, developed on the basis of bionic principles that allow to achieve high performance with low noise emissions;
  • Electrical panel protection rating IP54;
  • Parametric microprocessor control IC208CX;
  • Electronic expansion valve;
  • Air-cooled condensers (copper tubes/aluminium fins) with longitudinal “V” formation;
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switches;
  • Refrigerant pressure gauges.


  • Shell and tube evaporator;
  • Single or double water pump with low or medium head pressure;
  • Water accumulation tank;
  • IN/OUT compressors’ valves;
  • High efficiency Brushless EC fans;
  • Protection coating for condenser coils, suitable for installation in aggressive environments;
  • Antifreeze heaters for evaporator pump/s and tank;
  • Protection of the hydraulic group by means of panels or metallic mesh;
  • Metallic mesh or filters for condenser coil protection;
  • Soft starters to reduce by 30% the starting current;
  • Total or partial heat recovery;
  • -20 °C option: it allows the units to operate down to -20 °C ambient temperature (it is mandatory to protect the hydraulic circuit with antifreeze additives).

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