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ICS Chillers and BRS Combine

Our long term client has been successfully growing and marketing an assortment of vegetables for over 15 years in the UK and looking for a cooling solution for a new distillery installation.

They attribute key factors to their success as being the fact they understand their customers and priding themselves on employing a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled personnel who are committed to delivering the best quality produce and service that consistently meets and regularly exceeds their customers’ expectations. 

The Challenge

Inspired by adventure BRS was asked to support a distillery installation onsite for the production of Vodka utilising Potato’s, BRS was requested to provide a cooling solution for the Mash within the  fermentation phase complete with the support and installation of all pipework services and transfer lines of product. 

ICS Cool Energy - ICS Chillers Solution:

The BRS process team identified a coherent solution which drew together all wet services, steam, cooling and hygienic pipework requirements across all new components in a supported stainless-steel bracketed solution.

Following confirmation of cooling requirements for the Potato Mash Cooling, a design selection to ensure an energy efficient, reliable, and cost effective chiller solution was put forward for the following design

ICS i-Chiller Specification:

Duty: 10.5kw 

Flow Temperature: 0°C

Return Temperature: +5°C

Ambient: +32°C

Cooling Medium: Non-Toxic – DTX Ethylene glycol @ 25% / 75% v/v

BRS carried out a comparison of manufacturers and selected ICS Chillers – an air-cooled chiller from ICS Cool Energy’s i-chiller range iC305

The Result

Cooling was commissioned by BRS Technical Manager Jon Hall as product trails commenced providing the client with confidence and support throughout the trails to ensure the optimum temperature was achieved for the product. In this particular project, we utilised ICS chillers but BRS are not tied to any particular supplier and therefore can identify and achieve the perfect bespoke solution for your industry or requirement. To find out more about how we can help with your next project, get in touch with one of our experienced team today.

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