Energy Efficient Water Chiller Installation

When the Freight Transport Association (FTA) presented Warburtons with its 2015 fuel efficient operator of the year award it recognised the effort which Warburtons, and the winners in other categories, had been making towards reducing carbon emissions.

 But as you’d expect from a company which earlier this year joined the list of top 25 UK companies to work for, Warburtons efforts to boost fuel efficiency are ongoing.

Beswick Refrigeration Services (BRS) are working with Warburtons in this respect, looking to replace ageing equipment with new energy-efficient products. One of our most recent projects saw BRS installing a Daikin EWAD inverter controlled chiller at Warburtons’ Tuscany Park site. Opened in 2004 Tuscany Park is one of Warburtons largest plants operating 24/7 throughout the year.

Switching from an older model with reciprocating compressors to a new screw compressor system is expected to provide savings in both terms of cost and lower carbon emissions. Commenting on the project Keith Arkwright, Daikin product quality manager said that energy efficient screw compressors were the “way forward with any large refrigeration machine.”

The system chosen, the Dakin EWAD chiller, has the inverter inbuilt into the compressor. Using inverter control not only means that there are no fixed stages of loading; continuous operation removes energy and temperature fluctuations, thereby enabling a steady state condition allied to smooth running.

Boosting energy efficiency still further, ClimaCheck equipment is used to take a dynamic snapshot of the system. With power and refrigeration performance being analysed in real time, operators are able to change parameters as required, thereby optimising equipment and maximising efficiency.

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