BRS apprentices - Get In Go Far

The ongoing demand for energy efficient solutions allied to ever improving technological solutions means that a culture of continuous learning is an important element of our business.

From the newest member of the team upwards, we are always open to learn, always looking for new solutions which will benefit our customers.

As a growing business, we also use our existing knowledge to support junior engineers and apprentices, mentoring and training them in their journey towards becoming accomplished refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers. Last year we highlighted the story of one such apprentice, Scott Leigh (known as Kenny), who joined us in 2009. With the recent launch of the government’s ‘Get In Go Far’ campaign which is designed to promote the idea of apprenticeships we thought we’d drop in on Kenny to see how he was getting on.

Although Kenny had previous experience in the plumbing trade he joined us as an apprentice, combining on-the-job training with four years at college to gain his level 2 and level 3 refrigeration qualifications. Now fully qualified, Kenny works as a BRS service engineer. We caught up with him on site where he was working as part of the team managing a large installation.

You can see the interview with Kenny on our YouTube site where he talks about his apprenticeship journey and the rapport which he has with the BRS team and customers. According to the ‘Get In Go Far’ campaign 90% of employers and apprentices are satisfied with the apprentice programme and 92% of apprentices are still in work 6 months after the apprenticeship ends.  For BRS Kenny is certainly one of the apprentice success stories.

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