BRS and Daikin, Creating Energy Efficient Solutions

Followers of our videos will notice that the new energy efficient equipment which we were installing for Warburton’s™ was manufactured by Daikin; specifically, equipment from the new range of TZ chiller models

There were a number of reasons why this equipment Manufacturer was chosen for this product; not the least of which, that BRS are a Daikin designated D1 customer. This means BRS have been certified as being competent to design, install and maintain Daikin air conditioning systems.

Daikin’s new inverter compressor was manufactured in Italy and has the inverter electronics actually built into the compressor. This new technology is a first for Daikin, with Older Daikin models having reciprocating compressors which were less energy efficient.

New Chiller models have energy efficient screw compressors which Daikin believe is the way forward with any large refrigeration machine.

One of the other advantages of this system is that the controls are standardised across the range. So whether you are working with a 100kw system or a 2.1 MW Monster Chiller; the control system and the compressors all work in a similar way.

For the Warburton’s installation; Daikin provided extra support, with Daikin Service Manager Keith Arkwright being on hand to check the unit was operating at its best efficiencies. Along the way he also provided our people with a quick refresher on interrogating, operating and maintaining the commercial chiller.

As Keith commented in the video, our D1 designation means that BRS “can look after the equipment from installation for life of the equipment.”  However, we are always happy to take the opportunity to ensure our knowledge is completely up-to-date with innovative new products.

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