Air Compressor Heat Recovery System

Statistics may say that the economy is well on the way to recovery but that’s no reason to discard the lessons learned over the last few years.

When times get tough we learn to do more with less, to work smarter and to make the most of available technology to maximise value; all traits which can stand us in good stead in good times as well as bad.

In fact, thanks to the pace of technological development there are more chances than ever to maximise ROI and add to sustainability credentials in the process. Beswick Refrigeration Services helped one client do just that in 2014 when we installed an air compressor heat recovery system.

Around 80% of the energy used to power air compressors is wasted as heat which is vented into the atmosphere. Simply by installing brazed plate heat exchangers connected into the oil cooler line, the wasted energy can be turned into useable hot water which in turn can be reused elsewhere in the manufacturing process. Studies have shown that this type of heat recovery system can recover 72% of the input motor energy, with typical installations generating a ROI in under two years.Heat recovery 2

In this particular case, BRS designed, supplied and installed 3 brazed plate heat exchangers to recover the spent energy from the onsite air compressors. The recovered energy in turn was diverted to pre-heat the cold water feeds used on the Andrews water heaters and the steam boiler hot well tank. Using our client’s own onsite energy monitoring systems, the installation was shown to be saving in the region of 60kW/hour on demand; which equates to a saving of 80% in the energy required for water heating or £22,000 per year.

Energy efficiency and effectiveness are high on the political, public and business agenda at the moment. In response to a new UN agreement in December 2014 to tackle climate change Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey said “I am proud the UK has been leading the way – by our laws on low carbon energy and climate, by successfully championing ambitious targets to cut emissions in Europe” adding “the Lima Call for Climate Action shows a will and commitment to respond to the public demand to tackle climate change.” Heat recovery

With initiatives such as heat recovery leading the way, businesses can respond to the demand for energy efficiency and save costs at the same time. If you’d like to learn more about how heat recovery systems could help your business then get in touch with us at Beswick Refrigeration Services to explore potential energy efficiencies for your business premises.

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